Is your site loading fast enough? if not then google may be penalising you

Is your current website optimised correctly for GOOGLE ? – many design companies fail to inform the client about this all important factor. They simply create a pretty looking website but if this factor isn’t taken into account then there may be consequences.

Google doesn’t like it if your site takes an age to load and we’re only talking seconds or even milliseconds, because Google wants the best possible result for the user. If your site loads slower than your competitors then your site will be downgraded on the Google listings.

To run a test on your own website simply send us your website address and we’ll carry out a quick test for you and point you in the right direction to get your site sorted out – free of charge

Alternatively you can speak to your current website design company and ask them to look at it for you – after all its their design thats holding your company back. We run extensive testing on all our sites – speed is just one of them, theres a whole host of other factors that we build into our sites to help outrank your competitors.

All kinds of things can slow down a website – image size is one and by using a special format strictly for websites and making sure they are compressed correctly is just one way of speeding things up. Another is not using over-bloated code on your site because this is what Google needs to load your website.


So if you’re website isn’t getting the clicks that you think it should please let us know and we’ll do our best to help free of charge – or if you’d like us to build you a website that performs from the off then take a look at our PRICES and lets see if we can get you more customers