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So you’ve paid for your new fantastic website and the company you bought it from can’t get your site to show at the top of search results on Google no matter how hard they try – we have the answer – We get you the leads you need 


We put your business in front of new clients every day

We do all the research for your keywords that your customers are likely to type in Google to find you and we create relevant ads that are proven to get your customers to click on and best of all you’ll definitely show up in the top results on every search page result.



How do we do it and is it cost-effective?

We research the best words for the best bang for your buck – if you imagine Google ads as a kind of auction – everyone is bidding for the best place for certain keywords and terms (like, for instance, PLUMBERS NEAR ME or PAINTERS NEAR ME) if you don’t understand the workings of this then you can end up paying several pounds each time this is typed in and a customer clicks on your Ad but if you know how to do the research and apply our methods then you can have your ad shown for mere pennies rather than pounds – so over the course of a month this will save you hundreds of pounds.




What can be achieved and how long does it take?

We’ve previously reduced customer’s spending by thousands of pounds – lately, we saved a computer repair company over £2800 per month on their spending simply by researching the correct terms and applying this to their ads – coupled with great Ad writing this achieved an average drop in their spending from £2.39 per click to below £0.35p and on some days even less. 

From start to finish we can have your campaign set up in a matter of a few days depending on how complex your market is and once it goes live that’s it you’re up and running and we continually monitor and tweak to further reduce your costs.



Your account will be set up on the same day as you purchase the service and we go about researching your market for the best keywords – so you can start getting results in no time (usually around 3-5 days)



Our copywriting methods attract the right kind of client first time so there’s minimum waste on spending – only clients actually looking for your exact service will click on your Ads saving you money right away


The system is simple – if you pay for your clicks then Google will place you at the top of each search page result so you don’t have to spend weeks and months waiting for Google to bump you up

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The beauty of pay per click ads is that you don’t need to coax Google into liking your site and its content to give you favour over others like you do with the organic listings on Google and you won’t go online one day to find your listing has been dropped from its position  – you simply pay a bidding price and then (and only then) if a customer actually clicks on your advert is when you pay for the click – if no-one clicks on your ad then you haven’t lost a penny – it’s that simple – no more wasted revenue on adverts that don’t work, simply put, you are guaranteed to pay only when your customer actually clicks on your advert and is sent to your website!

What we are offering here is quite simple; RESULTS. You buy the package, we do the work

Our packages are tailored to suit any budget perfect for medium to higher competition keywords. If you need any help with keyword selection just get in touch and we can do thorough keyword research that will identify some great targets.

So, with all being said, you can’t find a fairer offer anywhere, get results today ORDER NOW and lets get those ads up and running for you.

* past performance is used to estimate the performance of your account but is in no way a guarantee – Googles own algorithm is subject to change and is in no way influenced by outside third parties 

*Terms apply

So surprised – thank you

My site wasn’t showing on Google despite the company I bought it off for £900 promising they were doing all they could I purchased the service and I don’t know what they’ve done but its now climbing the ranks – thank you guys you’re magicians !

website design york
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