Without SEO your site is worthless . . .



We all need customers but why do some sites get more exposure than others, well all websites are built from code with different goals in mind – say for arguments sake your website is for a charity then the likelihood is that your customers will already know of your organisation so it’s not as important to compete against other organisations but if you’re a local tradesman, say a plumber, then it’s critical that you show up high on the page when people search for your trade – this is where we come in.


The specific term for this practice is S.E.O (search engine optimisation). 

Without paying close attention to this practice a lot of websites fall by the way side and rank poorly on Google – sure you’ll show up on Google but without showing on page 1 or 2 then your site is pretty useless because statistics show people rarely search beyond page 2 for the service they’re looking for – think about it for a moment – do you go beyond page 2, well maybe – maybe page 3 at the most, so you can see this is critical for getting you the customers you need without it it’s pointless to be honest..


But you have a friend who can build you a site for nothing which will be fine – right ? – wrong.

There’s no point having a website that’s built by your friend who can use a website builder if they don’t understand SEO practice because it’s ok looking pretty but if your on page 9 you aren’t going to get any customers from your site and thats a fact.


We build on page seo into your site

That’s right we have programmes that we can run when we are building your site to check that Google will like your site and rank it favourably without this type of algorithm your site is pretty useless for getting you new customers

Off Page SEO

This is an art in its own right and a major part of this is BACKLINKS – these are basically other websites that point to your website with a link that people can click – the better the quality and the more of these your site receives the better it is for you on Google because Google rates sites higher if they have these links. Links can come from many sources and we have a separate service for this kind of thing with a money back guarantee – simply we rank your site and if it doesn’t improve by using our SEO service then you get your money back – were that confident in it – OUR SEO GUY IS A REAL CLASS ONE GEEK BELIEVE ME


A very dear friend of mine opened her hair salon in York city centre many years ago and as I passed I decided to nip in.

The salon was gorgeous but sharon was stood around twiddling her thumbs – worriedly she confided in me that the salon was her pride and joy but she had hardly any clients – 2 weeks later we completed her website and now she ranks on page one if you type hair salon York she shows close to the top and often right at the top – to check simply open your google web browser and in the search bar type HAIR SALON YORK in there and you will see BLAKE AND BUTLER – the url is 

All our sites include free on page search engine optimisation built in