Ok so your website designer has created you a beautiful looking website and it’s fab. When you search on google there’s no sign of it. Check our article

Here’s some tips to get ranking

Here’s an easy way to check some simple SEO practices

Copy your url and head over to AHREFS and paste your url in the search box and hit enter this will automatically run a search to check your backlinks – below is an example showing none the site owner was surprised he wasn’t getting any traffic. Without backlinks his site is almost invisible to google because nobody else is pointing to his site. BIG MISTAKE

Page speed

Google tests many metrics on your site and if Tj loads slowly then you also lose points. Click here and check your load speed times and if they’re slow then follow the instructions on what needs changing to improve your rank.

GDPR compliance

Even though Google has stated this has no bearing on page rank testing has shown that sites with no compliance are less likely to rank do this is a simple fix that should be carried out should you want to improve your ranking.


If you aren’t updating your content then this is imperative in this day and age as google is scoring all sites on fresh interesting content so get blogging on platforms like BLOGGER.com so get on and get blogging about your service.


A good way of getting constant glowing new content is to have your customers leave reviews and ask them to include your keywords in their text -a constant steady daily feed is great for new content.

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