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Select which option you want below and once you’ve signed up please send us the login info so we can implement your system (these are third party apps and we integrate them into your site for you)

Only pay for what you use. Cancel for free anytime without any commitment.

Payment processing features

One fee per transaction, online and in-store

1.29% + £0.20 

Fresha marketplace new clients

First time bookings via Fresha marketplace

20% one time commission

Marketing messages

Sending promotional texts and emails to clients

£0.06 / text
£0.02 / email

Created with ease-of-use in mind. No need for computer experience. DoTreat simplifies your job and lets you focus on what you do best!

Low & simple pricing

For smaller salons, we offer our Basic version that is free of charge. For the premium version, you pay a fixed price each month without any commission or hidden fees.

Multi-client appointments

It is now easier than ever to handle appointments for multiple clients (couples, friends) who wish to be served simultaneously.